Digital Media Forum

On the 23rd May 2015 the Media Policy Research Centre convened a multi-stakeholder interactive session to discuss current digital technologies that are shaping the media and journalism. Video presentations formed the basis of the conversations on the opportunities that technology presents.

Focus was on the thematic area of audience engagement. Key issues that came out of the discussions were that;

  • Media houses and organizations should have a sound social media strategy and equip journalists with social media and content management skills.
  • Journalists should move from just providing access to information to actually helping people sort through it.
  • Digital editing skills as an essential requirement for journalists was also mentioned and discussed. That journalists ought to be able to generate news seamlessly, taking advantage of the increased variety in mobile apps to build a strong  mobile presence for an audience that is gradually shifting online to access the latest news.
  • Having analytical and reporting skills was also pointed out as essential to journalism practice and participants were concerned at the trend towards dumbing down of news.
  • The growing importance of data journalism and visualisation of news was highlighted.
  • The meeting was attended by representatives from Royal Media Group, Kenya Union of Journalists, Kenya Correspondents Association, Association of Media Women in Kenya, academia as well as communication consultants.

MPRC will continue to provide the platform for further engagements and learning on a regular basis.