Exploring Kenya’s Media Policy Landscape: 1963 – 2013

Exploring Kenya’s Media Policy Landscape: 1963 – 2013 is a series of working papers published by the Media Policy Research Centre. In these papers authors reflect on the historical antecedents of Kenya’s media policy debate. In doing so the series reveals a number of important and consequential historical moments in the evolution of Kenya’s media policy. The authors of the six papers have thoughtfully initiated the process of consolidating literature about each of these stages and building data where none existed before.

The Media Policy Centre considers that on-going national level media policy debate and related policy making efforts will greatly benefit from such documentation. The analyses will inform present efforts as well as other kinds of comparative analyses of interest to those in research and media practice in the country and beyond.

This also speaks to the thesis of change and transformation. Change in itself needs to be acknowledged, particularly in today’s age, as an important factor in the media policy making process. Transformation mostly as a result of the forces associated with globalization is demanding a new approach to media accountability and general media policy making processes in the country. The series of papers validates the need to rethink and refocus debate on the media in Kenya to align it with the more potent forces which are transforming Kenya’s social economic and technological landscape. The question of change also brings into focus the role of the state in media accountability and the role of the state in a changing media environment is also analyzed and runs as a common thread through all of these papers. The papers also focus the role and participation of non state and non commercial actors in media accountability processes and, what this means for media policy and practice.

This series of working papers is offered in the interest of scholarship and to encourage discussion. The papers reflect the research activities and deliberations that the Media Policy Research Centre is engaged in and are published with the aim of broadening the dialogue beyond the confines of the Centre and its partners.

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