Who We Are

The Media Policy Research Centre works to support the growth of responsive and relevant media through policy research, dialogue and capacity development and to situate the importance of media in Kenya’s public discourse and in decision-making.

While a strategic planning process is in progress to refine the direction and approaches of MPRC, the founding Trustees envision that the goals of the Organization will be achieved through activities under four themes:

  1. Political Communication and the Media
  2. Civic Journalism (Media and the Public Interest)
  3. Media Practice, Law and Policy
  4. New (Digital) Media

Our activities use the following approaches

  1. Research and publication
  2. Policy dialogue and public discourse
  3. Training and support for the development of capacity in key areas including new media.
  4. Media labs, which include

•    Practical exploration of the opportunities new media makes available for content; and
•     Convening of various groupings of people to explore the shifting relationships between the public, media practitioners and content and the emerging possibilities that new technologies make available for content.


A relevant and supportive policy environment that encourages the development of liberated, dynamic and responsible mediathat informs,facilitates dialogue and serves the public interest.


We exist to encourage and support informed media policy action and debate by providing research based information and data to policymakers, policy-influencers and media sector stakeholders in Kenya and by convening policy dialogue between stakeholders towards decisions for a sound media environment.